Get a NEW phone & pay monthly

If you are on a Postpay Mobile Plan, you may be eligible to get a new mobile phone from Vodafone on contract and pay it off each month. This service is offered on our high end priced mobile handsets.


  • A Vodafone customer account
  • Deposit is required
  • Postpaid Mobile plan
  • SIM card included if none provided

Repayment Plan plus Postpay Plan

  • Depending on the retail price of the handset, the repayment plan will be divided within the 12 months agreed on your Contract. The nearest repayment plan the handset meets, determines how much you'll pay per month. Additional deposit may be required dependent on the retail price of the handset.

Mobile Handset Repayment plan  

  • $110
  • $130
  • $150

Terms & Conditions

The Mobile Phone Promo Plan is a set contract of 12 months. The monthly plan will be debited to the customer(s) account if the contract has been breached for both the plan and the handset. 


Once the Mobile Phone Promo Plan Form is completed, please send your form to our email address:

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