Kasda Modem - How to change your WiFi Password

Learn how to change the WiFi password for your Kasda modem

  1. Connect your device to the modem via WiFi connection or cable
  2. Log into the modem configuration page by typing this address in your web browser:
  3. Enter the default Username: admin and Password: adslroot
  4. Select Wireless

5. Select Security

6. Scroll down to the WPA/WAPI passphrase

If you wish to view your current WiFI password, select Click here to display

7. Type in your New WIFI Password

WARNING: If you don't have additional security setup on your modem, anyone who knows or can guess your WiFi password will be able to connect to your modem (and use your internet connection). It's very important to choose a strong password that's hard for others to guess.

8. Select Apply/Save

NOTE: If you were connected to the modem via WiFi, you will lose your WiFi connection after applying the changes. Be sure to update the WiFi Password on your device and any other devices connecting to the modem via WiFi.
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