Change Broadband Plan

If you change your plan for the current month, you will only be charged the difference in the broadband rental. This will appear on your next Vodafone bill under 'Additional Charges & Credits'

Usual processing time for mid-month broadband plan changes is one working day (Monday to Friday)

Before You Submit

Changing your plan for the current month

  1. Change plan request must be submitted before the 20th of the month (between the 1st and 20th)
  2. Mid-month upgrade available only. Downgrades will not take effect until the 1st day of the following month
  3. If you're on a No Excess plan and have already purchased an add-on, mid-month upgrade is not available
  4. Must remain on the same plan type, either Excess or No Excess
  5. You must stay on the new plan (or one of the same or higher value) for the current month and the following month - Terms & Conditions apply*

Changing your plan for next month

  • Send us your request before the 1st of the following month
  • If you're moving a few plans up, there may be a bond requirement for that plan. If there's a problem, we will be in touch

How to Submit a Change Plan Request

Send your request through to our Vodafone Customer Service team:

Send a Message via the Usage Page

  • New plan
  • Specify "Effective immediately" or "Effective for the 1st of the next Calendar month"

Or email

  • Broadband username
  • New plan
  • Specify Effective Immediately or Effective for the 1st of the next Calendar Month

After You Submit:

  1. If you are changing plans mid-month and you're on a No Excess plan, we will double-check to make sure no add-ons have been purchased
  2. We will create a Service Order to log your request; if you sent your request via the usage page or by email, we will respond with your Service Order Number
  3. Our Credit team will check there is nothing owing on your Vodafone Account. If you're moving a few plans up, we may also check the required bond for the desired plan and your payment history. If there's a problem, we'll contact you
  4. Once the Credit team approves your request, our Internet team will then process the change on our broadband platform and in our core billing system.
  5. If you are changing plans mid-month, our Finance team will charge the difference in rental to your Vodafone Account
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