Set up a Kasda Modem Broadband

This is the set up guide for the Kasda modem

Getting set up

  • Connect your device to the Kasda modem via WiFi or ethernet cable
  • Go to the modem configuration page by typing this address in your web browser:
  • Enter the default username and password for the modem. username: admin and password: adslroot

  • Click on Advanced Setup
  • Click Add

  • Change the field for VPI (0-225) to: 8
  • Click Apply/Save
  • Click on WAN Service

  • Check the WAN Service Interface Configuration is set to atm0/(0_8_35) and click Next
  • Check that ppp over Ethernet is selected then click Next

  • Enter your broadband username and password.  (The one you submitted when you applied for Broadband)
  • Click Next

Enable Firewall & NAT

  • Leave the selected default gateway interface as it is - ppp0
  • Click Next
  • Click on Apply/Save to save WAN setup - Summary

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