Terminate or Disconnect your Broadband Account

Temporarily Disconnecting Your Broadband Service

  • Ideal for Short Breaks: If you're planning to be away for a few weeks or months but want to keep your account active, you can opt for a temporary disconnection.
  • Billing During Disconnection: Please note, you will still be responsible for any monthly rental charges that accrue on your account during this period.

Permanently Terminating Your Broadband Service

  • Ending Your Service: To permanently end your broadband services, you can request termination.
  • Contract Requirements: Ensure you are out of your 12-month contract period before requesting termination.
  • Cancellation Fee: A termination request means you agree to the cancellation fee as outlined in our 'Terms and Conditions'. This fee is calculated based on the remaining months of your current plan from the start date of your contract.

How to Proceed with Disconnection or Termination

  • Contact Us: To initiate either disconnection or termination, please email us at info@vodafone.co.ck.
  • Information to Include: In your email, please provide your username, the desired date for the action, and your customer or phone line number.

We're here to assist you with any changes to your broadband service. Feel free to reach out with any questions or for further assistance.

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