Commercial Moana TV

Applying for Moana TV Services for your business?

Our Moana TV services are a fixed 12 months term contract for both Residential and Commercial Customers. Please fill in the Moana TV Commercial Application Form to apply for the services. Please scan & send a copy to

One Off Costs:

  • Set Top Box (Optional*): $250.00
  • Installation Fee: $150.00
  • Bond Fee (Standard): Dependent on customer's credit history

Monthly Costs:

  • Rental Fee: Dependent on which plan you're on (e.g. 1- 6 rooms - $99 per month)
  • Equipment Rental Fee: $12.50 per unit

NOTE: The purchase of the Set Top Box equipment is optional, otherwise the equipment can be rented at a monthly cost. The warranty period for the equipment purchased outright is covered for 3 months only.

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