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How to set up your D-Link Modem

Step 1 - Connect your device, preferably a laptop or PC to the modem via WiFi or Ethernet cable

Step 2 - Enter in the modems IP address in your web browser (see manual booklet to retrieve this)

Step 3 - Enter in the username and password as provided by your manual booklet

**Note: there are different types of IP addresses for different modems

Getting Setup for Broadband

As you work your way through the prompt steps, you will come across certain fields that require you to fill in.  Take note of the following and ensure that each field is filled in correctly and ignore any other fields that are not listed below.  Continue to click on "NEXT" or "APPLY/SAVE" when all fields are completely filled in.

Getting Setup for Hotspot

Setting up Moana TV on a Kasda Modem

  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 50
  • Bridging

How to access the Configuration Page:

D-LINK Modem

Please note: Accessing your modems configuration pages does not require any internet connection, as these pages are stored inside your modem

1. Open up your Browser (e.g: Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer), and enter the IP address of your D-Link modem in the address bar:

2. When you open up the page, type in the username and password then select the 'log in' option. If you have not changed the password for the modem admin, the factory settings are:

Username: admin
Password: admin

3. You should now see the modems configuration page:

4. The Setup Wizard will display the steps required to configure your modem. Please select 'Next' option to pass through to the next stage:

5. Change the password that is used to access your modem. Then select 'Next': 6. Select your Time Zone, then click 'Next' to continue:7. Enter your Internet Provider details: If your provider is not listed, select 'Other': 

(F or Broadband users)
Protocol: PPPoE; Connection Type: LLC; VPI: 8; VCI: 35 Or: (For Prepaid/Hotspot users)
Protocol: PPPoE; Connection Type: VC-Mux; VPI: 0; VCI: 1008. Set your Internet connection. In the Username and Password field, then select the 'Next' button.

Username: vodafone
Password: vodafone1

Confirm Password: vodafone1

Note: Please make Sure you have the correct information before you configure the modem. Should you require any assistance, please visit our Customer Care Representatives at our Vodafone Main Office.

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