Set up a Thomson modem

This is the set up guide for the Thomson TG585 Modem

Getting Set Up

1. Open your Browser eg: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and enter IP address of your Thomson modem in the address bar:
2. Setup Modem by selecting Setup to Configure3. It will take to the Welcome to the Thomson Gateway Easy Setup and click on Next4. Service Selection: PPP/Bridge, then select Next
5. Change VPI/VCI - 8.35 and select PPP over Ethernet
6. Enter your username & Password in the column

Username: thomson1  
Password: thomson2019 
7. Select Next (No changes made here)
8. The final stage of the configuration process, please select Start
9. Please wait until the Thomson Gateway Configuration is done
10. Please select Finish
11. Please configure your Wireless Password for security purposes
12. Select WLAN13. Select Configure
14. Please enter your Wireless Password, E.g. Th0mp50n2019, then select Apply

15. Once done, please Re-start your Modem

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