Set up a D-Link Modem

How to access the Configuration Page:

1. Open up your Browser (e.g: Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer), and enter the IP address of your D-Link modem in the address bar:

2. Enter the username and password then select the log in option. If you have not changed the password for the modem admin, the factory settings are:

Username: admin
Password: admin

3. The Setup Wizard will display the steps required to configure your modem.  Click on Next

4. Enter and verify password that will allow you access to your modem the next time you want to access it. Click on Next

5. Select your Time Zone, then click Next to continue:6. Enter your Internet Provider details.  If your provider is not listed, select Other

For Broadband Users:

Protocol: PPPoE                    Connection Type: LLC                    VPI: 8                      VCI: 35

For Prepaid/Hotspot Users: 

Protocol: PPPoE                    Connection Type: VC-Mux                 VPI: 0                  VCI: 100

7. Set your Internet connection. In the Username and Password field, then select the Next button.

Username: dslmodem
Password: dslmodem1
Confirm Password: D51m0d3m

Note: Please make Sure you have the correct information before you configure the modem

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