Landline Troubleshooting

1. Experiencing 'No Dial Tone':

Please ensure to check all wiring associated with your phone line. Make sure that the wiring is plugged into the landline handset and jackpoint and/or microfilter correctly

Removing the microfilter and plugging the wire directly into the jackpoint may also help

2. Can't hear the phone ringing:

Please check your landline handset to ensure that the volume button is on high

3. Static or 'Scratchy' sound:

Adjust the wiring on both ends of the handset, if there are no changes then have a fault reported instantly as there may be issues with the line

4. Can't call Overseas?

*Call us on 29680 to check if your number has access to International Dialing

For further assistance, please dial 120 for Faults Assistance

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