Having issues with Topping Up Online?

  1. Lets check to see which bank card you're using, as it may be a Bank Card issue.
  2. Lets also check which browser app you're using.

Bank Cards:

  • BCI
  • BSP
  • ANZ
  • Other

For iOS - Safari:

Customer has to go to the System Settings > scroll down to Safari > scroll down to Privacy & Security > and make sure that the Block All Cookies option is off.

For Google Chrome:

Open the Google Chrome Internet app > Go to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner to open the browser options > go to Settings > scroll down to Site Settings > and ensure that Cookies is allowed

For Samsung Internet:

Open the Samsung Internet app > go to the bottom right hand corner and select the 3 lines icon > select Settings > scroll down and go to Privacy and Security > scroll down to personal data and ensure that Accept Cookies is turned on.

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