Understanding my bill

1.      Note the due date in the email message.

2.      This is your new customer number.  From now on please use this new number when paying online or contacting our office.  If you have made a payment in July and August using your old customer number we will apply the payment to your new account.  Contact your bank to update automatic payments currently set up for your Vodafone bill. 

3.      Your previous balance and any payments made.  Payments made after the Invoice date will not appear until your next bill. This will also include adjustments made to your mobile excess charges within the month.

4.      Your area code

5.      Your services have been grouped under contract numbers.  All your primary services which include Landline, Mobile, Broadband and Moana TV will be billed in one contract.  Additional services will be under another contract. 

6.      These are your monthly plans for your services.

7.      These are one time charges like Mobile and Broadband add-ons and installation fees

8.      Ignore this column. Don’t attempt to re-calculate the charges.

9.      Traffic charges is your usage for the month.  These are your calls, data and SMS. 

10.  Number of calls, data connections and SMS texts

11.  The landline number used to make all calls

a) Summary of calls made from the landline number.  These are listed by call type.  Contact us to see a detailed list of calls.

12.      The mobile number used to make calls, data usage and SMS texting. 

a)      Summary of calls, data usage and SMS made from the mobile number.  Please note that all calls, data usage and SMS is charged.  Don’t be alarmed by the high mobile charges.  If your usage is within your plan then you will see a corresponding credit under Miscellaneous.  However, you will be charged for excess usage. 

13.      This is your monthly plan inclusive units.  This is deducted from your usage – see 12 a)

a)      Inclusive units that are part of your plan

14.      There is only one payment option listed in this format.  You can make payment at our office in Parekura or you can make online payments to BSP and BCI:

BCI – 83698 S7  - Click on Payments, select Transfer Money and complete the required fields.  In the reference box, type in your new account number.

BSP – 184363401  - Click on BillPay, select Telecom Cook Islands and complete the required fields.  In the reference box, type in your new account number. 

15.      Total charges for the month.  To calculate VAT, multiply this amount by 3 and divide by 23

16.      Balance of your account brought forward from 30 June. Please note that other charges and credits will appear for some customers.  If you made payments in July this will be shown as a payment.  A credit memo relates to adjustments made to your account.

What’s missing from your bill?

Call details.  Please contact us to obtain a detailed listing of all calls made from a landline and mobile. 

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