What is Cambium? Or WBB?

Cambium is a Fixed Wireless Internet System


We have Access Points installed on our communications towers, then the signal is beamed wirelessly to the customers.  We install SMs or CPEs at a customer residence, wired with cat6 cable to their broadband modem.  No digging involved.

Step 1:  Scope the customer site for signal quality, if signal quality is bad then we will not install cambium, but if signal quality is good, then we proceed.

Step 2:  Install the cambium SM or CPE up on the customer building roof on a hockey stick, aligned towards the communications tower.

Step 3:  Run the cat6 cable indoor to where the broadband modem is located.

Step 4:  Configure the broadband modem to work with cambium SM, then the customer has an internet connection.

Step 5:  Test the broadband connection, speed test and advise the customer that the job is complete.

This method of fixed wireless internet installation eliminates the use of copper DSL connection.  Note that cambium fixed wireless system only works for internet broadband, 

not Moana TV and landline phones.

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