Visiting the Cooks?

Learn the options available for getting connected while you're in the Cook Islands

  • Roaming
  • Travel Sim
  • Prepaid Sim
  • Wifi Hotspot

Mobile Roaming

Please check with your local mobile Service Provider for rates on roaming in the Cook Islands

Travel Sim - $49

Preloaded with 10GB Data, 30 minutes talktime, 300 SMS messages.

Standard rates apply to any RECHARGE credit used.

Note: Travel-SIM are unable to subscribe any Prepaid packages/ promos.

Simcard expires 15 days after Activation

See  here for more info

Travel sim -$69

Preloaded with 20GB Data, 60minutes talktime, 600 sms messages.

Available from our Vodafone - Airport Office, just outside the arrival terminal, next to Avis Rental.

Sim Card expires 28 days after Activation

Will it be compatible with my mobile device?

Our sim-cards are compatible to all three sim slot sizes (standard, micro & nano).

Prepaid Sim - $25

What's included?

Preloaded with $20 credit

* eligible to standard prepaid packages & promos.  * receive free 450 sms msgs after you've spent $10 off credit on texts sent out from your number.

Simcard expires after 6 months of inactivity

Wifi Hotspot

See  here for info

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