Check Broadband Usage

Login to the Usage Page with your Broadband Username & Usage Page password


  • An overview of your broadband account including your Plan, Usage, Excess Charges if any, Max Download Speed & any active or available Add-Ons
  • The top of the home page shows the email address where your usage alerts will be sent


  • Traffic - Shows usage per day. This traffic is broken down into traffic classes (download-peak, download-off peak, upload-peak, upload-off peak).
  • Rate Visualization - Shows usage per hour in a graphical format. This report is best-viewed from a desktop or laptop.
  • Sessions - Shows usage per session. Shows the time when a session began and ended. The IP address determines whether the usage is coming from your modem (202.65.x.x) or your broadband account is being used at a Hotspot (any other IP). The MAC Address identifies the device used for authentication.
  • Monthly Usage - Displays the 'Total Usage' in megabytes and by percentage shown in the 'Usage Bar'.


  • This is where you can change your Service Password


  • This is where you can change Usage Page Password
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