How do I navigate the online self-care portal?

Browse to the Vodafone Cook Islands Home page.

At the top right corner of the page, click on Login to enter

Once you find the landing page and successfully sign in to your account

1.Customer Portal- Shows all your products/services on your active account. 

2.Your 3 latest Invoices

3.Latest Support Tickets - use this to create support tickets.  

4.All Products

Shows List of all products on your account.

Understanding the Connections Table

Within the portal you will be able to view your service connections.  These are your call activity generated and captured in the system.

1.  This is a Call made from a Mobile to another Mobile.  The Duration shows as 0:00:07 which equates to 7 seconds

2.  This is an SMS Call Type which has Duration value displayed as 0:00:00.001 which equates to 1 SMS sent.

3.  Mobile Data are displayed as Call To INTERNET and in 15 min units.


The following are list of terms used in the portal

Terms Description
Quadruple Play This is a bundling term used to combine all services into one contract.  eg.  Telephone, Mobile, Broadband, TV.  There can only be one service of each per bundle.  eg If you have 1 Telephone, 2 Mobile, 1 Broadband and 1 MoanaTV.  You will end up with two Quadruple Play bundles.
Invoices These are your monthly statements known in the past
Employee Concessions As the name suggest, these are only entitled to Vodafone Cook Islands employees.
Unbilled Calls These are your current calls that has not yet been posted and/or invoiced,
Posted Connections This table list the call activity that has been posted and/or invoiced to your account.  These shows all service activity.
Inclusive Units Some services such as Mobile Postpay plans eg. Red 49 comes with inclusive units eg.  200 minutes of local calling, 1000 SMS and 5Gb of Data (Displayed as Call To INTERNET)
Support Tickets This feature allow you to log any problems, inquiry, questions, etc and be able to track this from the portal.
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