Change your Postpay Mobile Plan

Learn how to change your postpay mobile plan and find out what plan you're on

Change a postpay mobile plan

  • There’s no fee to change your plan
  • Your plan for the current month cannot be changed
  • You can request a plan change at any time, but your new plan will not take effect until the 1st of the following month; unless you specify a later month

How to change your postpay mobile plan

Email us at before the end of the month with your

  • Mobile number
  • New Plan
  • Month effective
We appreciate if you can send your change request to us at least a few days prior to the end of the month. Receiving a high volume of change requests on the last day of the month can delay our end-of-month processes

Find out what plan you're on

View your current plan with the MyVodafone App

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