How to Avoid Excess on Postpay Mobile

Learn how to take control of your usage and avoid excess charges

  • Usage is normally updated every 15mins.
  • Bundle purchases normally take around 10s to be reflected in the Mobile app.
  • Your usage for the month is automatically reprocessed when you buy an addon. This can take around 5 mins


Monitoring your usage

We recommend using a data usage app together with the MyVodafone App to monitor usage.

Using data bundles / addons

Data bundles are available for purchase via the MyVodafone app or via USSD Menu *888# Menu, Option 3, buy bundles. 

  • It normally takes around 10s for your data bundle purchase to be reflected in the MyVodafone app or USSD menu
  • All data bundles are applied from the 1st of the month. On purchasing a data bundle, your usage for the month will be automatically reprocessed to clear any excess. This can take around 5mins.
  • Data bundles apply to the month of purchase only. Unused data is not carried over to the following month

SMS alerts

Note: SMS alerts for data usage are a courtesy reminder. You should not rely solely on these alerts to manage data usage.
  • Alerts are sent every hour
  • Alerts are sent once your data usage goes over 50%, 80% of your cap, or if you are in excess

Reasons you may miss receiving an alert

  • You use a high amount of mobile data in a 30minute period

Not receiving alerts?

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