How to Avoid Excess on Postpay Mobile

Learn how to take control of your usage and avoid excess charges

  • At the beginning of each month, usage in the MyVodafone app is not updated until our end-of-month billing process is complete. This is normally on the evening of the first day of the month.
  • Usage is normally updated every 30-60mins.
  • Data bundles aren't available for purchase until our end-of month billing process is complete. If you expect to use all your cap on the 1st, you should upgrade your plan.


Monitoring your usage

We highly recommend using a data usage app together with the MyVodafone App to monitor usage.

Using data bundles

Data bundles are available for purchase via the MyVodafone app or via USSD Menu *888# Menu, Option 3, buy bundles. 

  • Additional data must be purchased before reaching your cap to avoid excess charges. If you have received a 100% alert or higher, you are already in excess.
  • Don't wait for an alert before purchasing a data bundle
  • If you purchase additional data after reaching your cap, you are still liable to pay for any previous excess charges. The data bundle purchase will apply to usage rated after the time of purchase.
  • You can buy multiple data bundles at a time
  • Data bundles are only valid within the calendar month of purchase

SMS alerts

Note: SMS alerts for data usage are a courtesy reminder. You should not rely solely on these alerts to manage data usage.
  • Alerts are sent every 30mins
  • Alerts are sent once your data usage goes over 50%, 80% of your cap, or you are more than $20 or $100 in excess

Reasons you may miss receiving an alert

  • You use 50% or more of your mobile data CAP on the 1st of the month
  • You use a high amount of mobile data in a 30 minute period

Not receiving alerts?

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